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How It Works

Access an exclusive business network.

When you decide to work with B2B . You have decided to work with a diverse group of Black Entrepreneurs as well.

B2B has aligned partnerships with high integrity Black-owned businesses across BC. This will not only help your business reach its full potential but will help ensure we are doing our part in making other Black-owned businesses flourish as well.

Why join?

Achieve Success In Business

Through our decade’s worth of experience in running small and medium enterprises and our vast network of business contacts, we help executives and entrepreneurs grow and scale successful companies.

Step 1

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Step 2

  • Network Access
  • Schedule Bi-Weekly Coaching/Meetings
  • Access Tools & Resources

Step 3

  • Determine UEC 
  • Assess Capacity & Resources 
  • Get Moving

Join Our Network

Members of our network enjoy the following benefits:

Tailored consulting and coaching

Mentorship with Cultural Significance

Access To An Exclusive Network

Streamline Financing & Investment

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