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The Importance of Exact Match Domain Names

Jun 1, 2023

In recent years, the acquisition of premium domain names, particularly exact match domain names, has gained significant traction in the online real estate market. The value of these digital assets has surged, with notable examples like being purchased for $15 million and acquired by HubSpot for $10 million. This article explores the transformative shift in the valuation of premium domain names and the strategic importance of exact match domain names.


The Significance of Domain Names in the Pre-Google Era:

Before the dominance of search engines like Google, people primarily navigated the web by directly typing keywords or domain names into their browsers. Owning a world-class domain name was akin to having a global, wall-less “TV network.” Initially, the focus was on acquiring one-word, generic domain names that represented broad global categories, such as or


The Emergence of Exact Match Domain Names:

In recent times, a new type of internet real estate, known as “exact match” domain names, has gained immense value and strategic importance for brands and companies. These are single-word domain names that inherently convey a powerful brand identity. Examples include,,,,,, and Numerous market leaders have made significant acquisitions of exact match domain names, demonstrating their recognition of the value they bring to their businesses.


Methods of Acquiring Exact Match Domain Names:

Startups backed by venture capital often start with a domain name that includes an additional word, even though their brand is a single, powerful dictionary word. However, they often realize the strategic importance of acquiring their exact match domain name and subsequently drop the additional word. Another approach is opting for domain extensions like .io or .xyz when the .com domain is unavailable. However, this can lead to confusion among customers and potential email communication issues. Ultimately, many companies find themselves needing to negotiate for the acquisition of the coveted .com domain name.


Recognizing the Value of Exact Match Domains:

For brands and products with single-word identities, owning the exact match domain name is a crucial investment and strategic decision. It offers both offensive and defensive benefits. In comparison to spending millions on a short-lived Super Bowl commercial, purchasing an exact match domain name provides a long-term asset with appreciating value, while significantly enhancing the enterprise value and utility of the business. Companies that overlook the significance of a high-value domain acquisition often end up spending on advertising campaigns for forgettable, non-matching domain names.


The Domain Name as a Critical Business Asset:

Similar to the real estate adage “Location, location, location,” a brand’s online address is its internet real estate. An exact match category domain name bestows authority, credibility, conversion, and memorable recall, all while serving as an investment with appreciating value and returns. It’s essential to recognize that there is only one exact match .com domain name available, making it an exceedingly scarce and valuable asset. Once off the market, it’s unlikely to become available again, potentially impacting various aspects of a business, including marketing, branding, fundraising, and future sales.


The escalating value and strategic importance of exact match domain names underscore the significance of owning these premium digital assets. Brands and emerging companies should recognize the long-term benefits and potential returns associated with acquiring an exact match domain name. It serves as a critical component of their online presence, providing authority, credibility, and substantial value to their business endeavors.

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